JUST IN: John Kelly Reportedly Out As Chief Of Staff ;The White House (TWEETS)

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President Donald Trump has had a hard time shedding his past reality television show behavior. The constant turnover in the White House is truly a great reminder that Trump was the star of The Apprentice. That hasn’t seemed to change, even with his newest Chief of Staff John Kelly. That’s especially true when rumor has it he’s the one who will be next to leave the White House.

In a tweet from Jennifer Jacobs, a reporter with Bloomberg, she noted that Kelly was not with Trump on his flight to Las Vegas on Wednesday.

‘Gen. Kelly was originally going to be on AF1 to Vegas with Trump today but was pulled off flight, I’m told. WH not answering Qs about it.’

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 In response to that, Scott Dworkin tweeted that the rumor mill on Capitol Hill has hinted this would be the last week of Kelly’s tenure as Trump’s chief of staff.

‘I’ve heard from three people from different circles on the Hill that this may be John Kelly’s last week as Trump’s Chief of Staff. #AMJoy’

Let us emphasize here that this is still just an allegation being made over Twitter. However, with the way Trump has gone through chiefs of staff, it’s quite a believable accusation. When you look at Kelly holding his head in his hands during Trump’s speech at the United Nations, it’s definitely believable. However, Dworkin did not link to any source material and only cited “three different people.”

However, there is definitely truth to the information that Kelly wasn’t on the flight with Trump on Wednesday. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did eventually comment, according to PJ Media, saying:

‘He is basically always on the manifest. Sometimes he travels, and sometimes he doesn’t.’

Dworkin is the co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, which is a grassroots organization that aims to resist Trump’s presidency.

So, is it hype or is it a reality? Only time can tell us that. However, it’s beyond believable, considering the already reported on clashes Trump and Kelly have reportedly had in the recent past. However, Twitter users voiced their concern that, if Kelly left the White House, Trump would no longer be controllable. It’s been widely believed Kelly has been the only one to keep Trump under some sort of control.

You can check out those responses below.


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