The art of deflection is a delicate one that takes much talent. Surprisingly, President Donald Trump is actually really good at it — although that’s simply because he refuses to face facts and will blatantly lie.

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However, his daughter showed off her own deflecting skills on Twitter Friday when she tweeted about the looming solar eclipse that will be happening on August 21. Of course, Ivanka could have tweeted about many other things, considering the previous week had been filled with racism, bigotry, violence, and death. That’s not even taking into consideration that Steve Bannon was removed from his position in the Trump administration the same day she tweeted. She could have tweeted something about working with Bannon. Surely having her own special office in the White House would mean she worked with Bannon. Therefore, a tweet along the lines of wishing him the best and enjoying working with him would be more than appropriate. However, she chose to tweet about the solar eclipse, with a tweet that is factually incorrect.

Ivanka tweeted:

‘On Monday, the US will witness its first total solar #eclipse since 1979. It will be visible in every state. Where will you be? #Eclipse2017’

First, Ivanka needs to pay attention to current events and science, because her tweet is wrong. The solar eclipse will NOT be seen in every state of America. Also, her deflecting skills may need some working, on considering Twitter users responded by refusing to allow Ivanka to veil the truth that her father’s administration is crumbling around him.


‘Are you trying to eclipse your father’s circus at the White House?’

‘Seriously? That’s your care right now?!’

‘Seriously? This so what you chose to tweet today?’

‘There is already a large dark shadow over us. It began 6 months ago. But this too shall pass.’

‘White house eclipse is looking much better than a natural solar eclipse..And it’s visible all over the world ma’am.’

‘Look at Ivanka pretending whole admin isn’t collapsing under weight of Daddy’s paranoia, bigotry, & mental instability. Adorable!’

‘Astrology predicts war will begin during eclipse… It happened in Germany in 1945..’

‘Are you going to play Total Eclipse of the Heart when your Daddy is impeached #Impeach45 #TheResistance’

‘That is like seven million in Scaramucci years–or one million Bannons.’

‘Slow news day?’

‘That is not priority at the moment.Your daddy is confusing and creating chaos in the country./world # readrevelation last book in the Bible.’

‘Celebrating bannon’s ouster! #BannonFired’

‘You are kidding me? You must be witnessing the total eclipse of the heart by refusing to speak up.’

‘She could have, at least, reminded people to wear special glasses to avoid eye damage; or does she want more Americans as blind as her?’

‘A lot of people don’t know this, but, your Dad invented the eclipse. Made it in China.’

‘One tin soldier rides away… Up next: Miller, Gorka, Kushner, @IvankaTrump, most #despised @POTUS ever bka @realDonaldTrump #RESIGN!’

‘Celebrating the firing of @SebGorka and Stephen Miller? We need all the racists out.’

‘Seriously Ivanka? With everything going on, U comment on eclipse. Oh and thanks because NO ONE would’ve known about it but for your tweet’

‘How irrelevant and tone deaf can you possibly be? Also, thought you were focused on your specific projects? Doing science now?’

‘An eclipse isn’t enough to draw attention away from the evil dangerous joke of a @POTUS that is your father #Charlotteville’

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