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The internet is having a field day over Ivanka Trump’s attempt to give gift advice for Father’s Day.

Ivanka Trump reveals she didn’t have time for ‘massages’ during election

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Ivanka Trump said she went into “survival mode” during her father’s election campaign, which was so busy that she didn’t have time for a massage or meditation.

Image result for ivanka donald massage

Image result for ivanka donald massage

Shouldn’t be comforting the two men in her life who are battling multiple federal investigations for their obstruction of justice? Much like her father, Ivanka’s only concern is herself and her businesses. Nevertheless, this gave Twitter users the perfect chance to tell her just how idiotic she looks by mocking her gift advice. Check this out:

@IvankaTrumpHQ What’s a good gift for a dad who’s heading to prison soon? Asking for a friend…

@paradisedicey2 @mcspocky @IvankaTrumpHQ Ivanka like her father, has no core, no real values, the toe the party line, just like in Nazi Germany SAD! They do not care.

@IvankaTrumpHQ Is this good for a Russian dad?

Not all of Twitter was roasting her, some people were just plain furious:

@IvankaTrumpHQ What will please my dad is not losing health insurance, have your poor excuse of a dad work on that

@IvankaTrumpHQ Most dads want healthcare and a clean environment for their children. Guess your not selling that.

@IvankaTrumpHQ Good gift for your father: a rubber room. Stop tweeting this crap and be a better advisor

You would think that Ivanka would want to spend potentially her last Father’s Day with Donald before he’s imprisoned for treasonous actions, not managing her sweat shops filled with under-payed workers, but I guess she doesn’t care that much about her father.

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