Oh what a poor little snowflake. Ivanka Trump has tried time and time again to maintain her public image as some sort of chic progressive socialite while simultaneously working for her father’s presidential administration but the whole charade is, unsurprisingly, not working.

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On Monday, Ivanka posted a photo of her in NYC as she left the city to go to the White House in order to accompany her father to Wisconsin, and Twitter, unsurprisingly, had a lot to say about it.

You can check out Ivanka’s post below. She wrote, captioning an image of her wistfully looking away from the camera, “Bye NYC! Until next time…”

In Wisconsin, Ivanka and Donald will be visiting a technical college’s apprenticeship program, following the Wisconsin Governor and failed GOP presidential candidate Scott Walker apparently telling Trump that he “has the biggest bully pulpit in the world and needed to get out of the White House to listen to the heart of America.”

It’s noteworthy when anyone in the GOP stands up to Trump in any capacity, since in the months since his rise to power so many of the party’s leaders have become nothing but Trump flavored zombies.

Of course, a local news station in Wisconsin reports what could easily be the main reason for Walker allegedly demanding Trump visit places like the Waukesha County Technical College. Apparently, “a closed door fundraiser will take place for Walker with the president in Milwaukee” late Tuesday.

As for Ivanka, the administration has finally come up with something to do outside of this outing with her dad to Wisconsin, but it’s unsurprisingly pretty lame. Ivanka will be leading this week’s worth of workplace development programs at the White House, with the administration having dubbed this just beginning week “Workforce Development Week” in similar fashion to how last week was dubbed “Infrastructure week.”

Making up stupid names for stuff isn’t going to be able to mask the fact that the Trump Administration is floundering. This isn’t a dictatorship even if we’re being led by wannabe dictators at present; the people here are allowed and encouraged to think for themselves.

Twitter, as mentioned, wasn’t impressed by Ivanka’s Twitter post on the occasion of her leaving NYC. Many New Yorkers commented and implored her not to come back.

Check it out below.

@IvankaTrump Another photo of Donald Trump and 15-year-old Ivanka that you can’t unsee http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/302725/donald-trump-ivanka-lap-pic-1996/ 

Photo published for Another photo of Donald Trump and 15-year-old Ivanka that you can’t unsee

Another photo of Donald Trump and 15-year-old Ivanka that you can’t unsee

You didn’t grind on your dad when you were a teen?


@BrianAbrams @IvankaTrump Anything better to do than troll Ivanka? How about being a productive member of society instead of a sniveling little beta male leftist?

@Leo_E_Durocher @BrianAbrams @IvankaTrump At least he has a job title. Still cannot figure out exactly what Ivanka and her mute husband does in the government.

@IvankaTrump get out and stay out you stupid fuck

@IvankaTrump Safe travels, Ivanka! You were outstanding on @foxandfriends this morning!

@HarrietBaldwin @IvankaTrump @foxandfriends Jobs?? You mean like the 100 million dollars she spends in China every year importing goods made from women paid slave wages?

@IvankaTrump Be sure to let the rampant hate for your family and your complicit ass slam you on the way out, asshole.

@IvankaTrump New York does not like you very much. But then again neither does D.C.

@AltUSPressSec @IvankaTrump China likes her. She should move there& work in one of her factories, since she’s all holding it up for the women folk!

@IvankaTrump Your face is someone’s plastic image of beauty. Your soul is empty. I feel bad for the life you must have endured growing up.

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