Ivanka And Don Jr. Are Ganging Up On Tiffany; The Family Is Officially Divided

President Donald Trump  has a habit of expressing his fatherly love to all of his children– in uncomfortable ways—might I add.

Let’s recall the time Trump said he’d marry Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter, saying he liked it when she called him “daddy,” attempting to cover up his son’s Russia scandal, and plenty more incidents.

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However, Trump always fails to brag about or merely  bring up his youngest daughter, Tiffany.  In the past, Trump  said he was  proud of Tiffany but “to a lesser extent” than the elder trio.

That’s definitely  got to hurt.

More often than not, Tiffany doesn’t like  to get involved in her father’s politics (she’s the only smart one out of the clan), so it appears as though Trump’s animosity comes from that alone. As for the rest of the siblings, it looks as if they don’t want Tiffany involved in anything at all.

In 2005, an interview between Howard Stern and Donald Trump, made available to Newsweek, as anecdotal proof.

,Stern asked Trump:

“Do your older children get nervous every time you have another child?” (At the time, Melania was pregnant with Barron.)

Trump replied with:

“I have a friend who is also like a very rich guy,” Trump responded. “And he said how his children hate the new children coming along and everything else; I said, ‘Yeah, because every time you have a child, it’s 20 percent less to the people [inaudible].’”

Stern then asked  if Donald Jr. and Ivanka were trying to “bump off a child.”

Trump responded, “Tiffany?”

“Is there any truth to that? [Inaudible] Tiffany?” Stern said. In normal Trump-form, he dodged the question, but Stern wasn’t going to let it go without knowing the truth.

Stern said, “Tell me the truth, though.”

In which Trump replied with:


Poor Tiffany. Must be hard to not be involved in collusion and treasonous acts. Then again, she is better off not being connected to the Trump family tree.


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