With the solar eclipse making its way across the United States, one of the last stops it made was on the east coast in Washington D.C. so Donald Trump and his family made their way outside.

What happened next was pretty expected:

Trump seemingly looked at the sun without the eclipse glasses.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

NERDS: don’t look the eclipse directly


Yep… Turns out Trump is exactly as stupid as everyone says. Observes the solar eclipse without eye protection.

That’s right. Trump is that stupid.

He did eventually wear the glasses, however, finally trusting the “fake news”:

However, Melania did take hers off and look at the sun again, which we can only assume mean she’s as tired of looking at Trump as much as we are and attempted to burn her eyes.

Can we blame her?

All in all, the eclipse itself was pretty spectacular, especially if able to view through the special protective glasses. We really can’t say we’re surprised Trump looked directly at the sun without the glasses first, but because we don’t wish any ill will, we hope his eyes are okay.

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