Inside Trump’s Secret Bedroom in the White House

One of the strangest things revealed today was that Donald Trump has his own bedroom, having transformed two rooms of the White House into separate bedrooms, with his wife being forced to sleep in a separate room, locked out.

According to insiders, Trump has transformed what was the “living room” in the Presidential Residence into his own bedroom, with no one, including his wife and son having any access to the bedroom. As part of this, he has refused to allow White House staff to regularly clean the room.

He even yelled at some of the staff for picking his dirty shirts up off the floor to wash them, insisting, “If my shirt is on the floor, it’s because I want it on the floor.” He also barred housekeeping from touching his toothbrush out of fear of being poisoned, a fear which Wolff also claims explains the president’s affinity for McDonald’s because “nobody knew he was coming and the food was safely premade.”

In fact, after Melania arrived in the White House, he ordered that a special lock that could only be controlled by him, be installed in the room – which the Secret Service immediately rejected as unsafe, requiring them to also have access to the lock.

Making this even weirder, only his daughter Ivanka Trump is allowed in his bedroom in the morning, when Trump strips his own bed, refusing to allow White House staff to even touch the covers. It’s noted that Ivanka often comes in early in the morning to “wake up” the President.

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