A Kennewick man is dead after getting into a Pasco home and being shot by the homeowner. No one is in custody right now and the homicide is still under investigation.

At about 2:30 on the morning of June 10, Pasco Police were called to the home on Austin drive when the 43-year-old Corey Chapman reported someone banging on his door.

“As officers arrived on scene, the home owner reported to the 911 operator that the intruder had entered the home,” said Captain Ken Roske.

Roske said police heard a gunshot and found the body of 34-year-old Travis Yeates.

“Somebody tried to break in and Corey protected himself as I think a lot of us would,” said Isaac Butts, Chapman’s neighbor.

Franklin County Prosecutor Shawn Sant was called to the scene for legal advice.

“A lot of people they hear homicide and they automatically think that’s a crime well it could be, obviously,” said Sant. “But there’s also justified homicide so what we’re looking at is if someone uses force against another person we want to see were the facts and circumstances that what were reasonable at the time of that use of force.”

No one was taken into custody this morning, but Sant said has to review the whole case, including an autopsy, toxicology report and collected evidence, before making a final decision. He said a decision could take about six weeks.

“You know Corey did what he had to do and I think will find out if it was justified knowing Corey I don’t think it would be unjustified,” said Butts.

Police say Chapman is cooperating with detectives. An autopsy of Yeates will be performed tomorrow, June 11, at the direction of coroner Dan Blasdel, who was also at the scene this morning.

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