You would think with all the money Donald Trump has, of course, he could fix his ugly ways, but he could damn sure stand to fix his questionable look. Since he isn’t interested in anything but tweeting, GQ decided to take over and have a little fun with it.

On their website, the brand was quick to point out the way he looks is really the least offensive thing about him to a lot of people at this point in time. But given how much money he has and the staff that he can employ, there really is no excuse for his outfit. Also adding if Trump can’t act like a President, at least he could dress like one.

The virtual makeover started with a list of things that were just all wrong. Including his suit/tie size and of course his skin and his hair.

They turned that mess into this,

Again, we know changing up Trump’s look could never change the nasty person he is inside. But money can buy a new look. Maybe if he’s spent less time tweeting he would be able to see that even next Melania, he just doesn’t look right. And he has the nerve to try and attack people on Twitter. he has no room to say a thing.

Hope this gave you a good laugh, in a world full of Trump’s mess and pain, laughter can be healing. Check out the full makeover below,

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