There are so many benefits that Jesus Christ has made available to us that we do not know of. Because we now have a mediator in Him, we can now freely enter God’s presence and commune with Him and gain access to his love, favor, blessings and wisdom.

When faced with hard decisions, who do you turn to for counsel? More often than not, people will always have a long list of people they turn to for advice when faced with a stale mate — parents, consultants, lawyers, friends, pastors or discipleship group leaders. And as wonderful as their counsel can be, there is always going to be a chance that they might be wrong.

I’ve listened to various consultants and counsellors before and many of their ideas and strategies work, but not all of them do. Sometimes the counsel of man alone can just be too faulty. We need more than just the opinions of experts. We need the opinion of God.

The Bible promises that God will be our counselor. Isaiah prophesied about Jesus calling Him a Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:6), saying that the government of this world will rest upon His shoulder. Is Jesus your Wonderful Counselor in times when you need to make tough and big decisions? Do we seek God first in all that we do?

Now, I am not saying that we stop going to earthly counsellors, pastors, small group leaders or consultants. These people can be primary means by which we gain access to God’s wisdom. But we must never forget that they are simply channels of God’s counsel. Our counsel comes primarily from God.

When it comes to decisions in finance, law, medicine and such, by all means find an expert that will give you great and effective advice as God guides them to the best solutions for you. But when it comes to making decisions that we can only make for ourselves — marriage, migration, profession changes, large purchases or ministry opportunities — we can turn directly to a God who desires to speak to us directly.

When Jesus died on the cross, God tore the veils to the inner courts signifying that we could come to the Father anytime through the Son and commune with Him. In our Lord, there is unwavering and unfailing guidance. When it is God bringing us through the crossroads, we can be assured that He will keep us in the right paths.

Psalms 37:5-6 tells us, “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. He will bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noonday.”

By all means, we must look to the counsel of experts here on earth, but even the greatest counsel given in the absence of the grace and guidance of God can be foolishness. Jesus is our great and wonderful Counselor and He is a sufficient light that guides us to the path that He has in store for us.

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