So, about that “National Security Adviser” who appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox show the other night…

Well, in short, the credentials with which he was presented by Fox were fake. Swedes responded to the billing of a Nils Bildt as a Swedish “National Security Adviser” the same way that they responded to Trump calling on his supporters to “look at what’s happened” in Sweden — with utter confusion.

Nothing had happened in Sweden fitting the bill of what Trump described at any time throughout recent history before Trump spoke, and Nils Bildt is not a Swedish “National Security Adviser.”

The text that was on screen while Bildt spoke is featured in the screenshot below.


As you can see, and as mentioned, Fox billed Bildt as a “Swedish Defense and National Security Adviser.” Again, though, there’s a major problem with that title — the word “independent” is missing. Bildt is unknown to the actual core of the Swedish National Security field. He’s a fringe guy, living in the United States, who works in this field only in the context of a relatively obscure private consulting firm.

And, again, this is the guy that Fox News chose to represent Sweden on their show.

And it’s CNN that’s peddling “fake news?”

What Bildt was saying makes it even worse. O’Reilly had two guests on in the segment that featured Bildt; one, a journalist, stood up for the fact that the influx of refugees into Sweden hasn’t made any sort of significant negative impact on the country’s crime rates, while Bildt countered that.

Now, sure, Swedes know that this Bildt guy isn’t someone who actually represents them, but the viewers of O’Reilly’s show likely don’t. They are easily duped in this regard, having already become so brainwashed to reject streams of information that aren’t within their comfort zone that it’s like all of us out here are holding Trump’s base in the palm of our hands in a snow globe.

Bildt, while speaking to the Washington Post, defended himself, noting that he didn’t choose what text would be on screen as he spoke. The executive producer of Bill O’Reilly’s show also defended himself, saying:

‘Our booker made numerous inquiries and spoke to people who recommended Nils Bildt and after pre-interviewing him and reviewing his bio, we agreed that he would make a good guest for the topic that evening.’

Curiously, that statement does not at all address the actual question of why Fox billed Bildt deceptively. Sure, he’s a great guy for your program, who cares — the question is why he was billed deceptively.

An answer is not likely to come soon.

Watch Bildt’s now infamous appearance on Fox below:

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