There was a time when Christian worship artist Jason Fowler indulged heavily in drugs and booze. Because of his addictions, he was even kicked out of a drug dealer’s house in downtown Atlanta and struggled with homelessness.

“I was raised in a Christian home but started to turn away from God and church. I started drinking to have fun, to deal with life situations, and to fit in. Before long I was relying on it for everything instead of relying on God. Soon after, I started smoking pot. Both gave me a false sense of spirituality. I thought I could control it and could quit whenever I wanted,” he says in an interview with The Christian Post.

Music was also a huge part of Fowler’s life, so he formed one band after another in hopes of getting a record deal. When his old band Ultraphonic finally got one, Fowler’s life was at its lowest point since he recalled he “had to drink and do drugs to survive.”

He severed his ties with his family, friends, and band mates because of his drug and alcohol dependency. He had nowhere to go and no one to turn to, but Fowler was fortunate to find one Friend who cared to listen to him.

Right then and there I said, ‘God whoever You are, whatever You are, please help me.’ I meant it with everything I had left,” says Fowler.

The next thing he knew, Fowler was in a Christ-based homeless shelter in Athens, Georgia getting help for his past addictions.

“After I accepted Jesus in my life, everything started to get better and better. It’s really like a country song backwards. I started getting my life, my family, my friends, and myself back. I started getting involved in church and even joined the praise team,” he says.

Fowler has been sober for over 10 years now, and he is leading worship at Celebrate Recovery. He and his wife Joy are doing their part in giving back to the community through the ministry called HEARTS Across Atlanta.

“We feed the homeless, provide clothing, toiletries, and play music to share His love,” says Fowler. “I love serving, giving back, and sharing the story of redemption. Jesus saved my life and I want to share my story and His story of love, mercy, and Grace through my music.”

Fowler also has a new solo album called “I Fall In,” which was released last Friday, May 13.

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