A grand jury in Daytona Beach upgraded Angela Stoldt‘s second-degree murder charges to first-degree. The Deltona, Florida, woman confessed to killing James Sheaffer by strangling him, dismembering his body and cooking his remains back in 2013, according to a news report on the homicide by the Heavy. Stoldt initially claimed self-defense and tried using the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

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Last week, jury members heard new evidence for the first time of the woman’s confession in killing her neighbor. According to documents in the case, the man vanished on April 3 after dropping off a client in Tampa. He was a limousine driver. On that day, he went to the defendant’s home in Deltona, where she mixed him a fatal alcoholic cocktail, mixed with prescription medication. Angela Stoldt then drove the man to a cemetery where things took a fatal turn.

Back in September, when the case first came to light, Angela Stoldt alleged she and her kids were being threatened with death by Sheaffer. The Deltona woman said she and the homicide victim, who allegedly depended on her for financial support, asked her to borrow several thousand dollars. During the discussion about the loan, they began to argue.
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Stoldt said that when the man began threatening her with bodily harm, she feared for her life and grabbed a nearby ice pick. They fought and she managed to stab Sheaffer in the eye, according to an earlier report by Inquisitr. She then grabbed a cord, wrapped it around his neck and strangled him. She wrapped his head in Saran wrap and when it was clear he was dead, the woman said she panicked and hatched the idea to dismember him in order to hide any evidence of a murder.

Stoldt drove the man’s body to her home back in Deltona and placed his corpse into a kiddie pool in the garage. The next day, she hacked his body to pieces, separated them into another pool, and tried cremating them in an oven. When that failed, she solicited the help of her son to dispose of a “dead deer carcass.” The two drove to a New Smyrna Beach fish house and dumped the body parts into dumpsters behind the building.

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The judge rejected the self-defense angle, one that was used in the high-profile case of George Zimmerman (the defendant from the Trayvon Martin shooting). Currently, only 22 states, including Florida, have controversial laws on the books regarding self-defense. In Florida, the “Stand Your Ground” law applies in the following: “No duty to retreat (from) an attacker in any place in which one is lawfully present.”

Angela Stoldt will not face the death penalty as part of her confession in the death, dismemberment, and cooking of her neighbor, but will likely be sentenced to life in jail, according to documents. She is currently in a Volusia County jail and has been denied bail

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