This is just About 1 hour of chat…If you want to find Psychopaths just come to CNN News  Live chat.
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10:42 AMRoy HobbsTrump’s mouth is Fake News 

10:42 AMawakendseth rich ….clinton death toll rises

10:43 AMDavid SponbartFAKE NEWS!

10:43 AMBryan TaylorPresidunce Cheeto Von Tweeto will be impeached by October. What a fuckin’ dumbass,,,

10:43 AMJohn DenverTrump is a maniac but I voted for the maniac

10:43 AMRafayet HossainHilary for Jail-2017

10:43 AMRoy HobbsLock HIM up!

10:43 AMRondal WayImpeachment , never moron !

10:43 AMEmergent Studies InstituteFox was crazy about Impeachment last night. Keep laughing IT WILL HAPPEN!

10:43 AMJohn DenverTrump was the conservatives saying we’re done playing around…..

10:43 AMRoy HobbsRoger Ailes is currently burning in Hell

10:43 AMEmergent Studies InstituteLOCK HIM UP!

10:44 AMKevin SpenceCNN is a lieing basterd

10:44 AMAlex Arshanskyit amuses me when people scream Fake News or Fake Media… it really does. Usually those are the fake Kremlin bots set to repeat the same phrase

10:44 AMSyed al-Bukhari@deterugweg which verse of the Bible says that Imam al-Mahdi ra is Anti-Christ?

10:44 AMRoy Hobbs“lieing” ?

10:44 AMdeterugwegim from the netherlands. i would vote for trump because i would never want hillary clinton

10:44 AMJohn DenverIf u think trump is bad wait for round two….

10:44 AMbigdavid1I’m 70 years old, I’ve never protest or anything, but if this happens trump, I’ll be the violent idiots as the Democrats

10:44 AMRafayet HossainTrump the best

10:44 AMSyed al-Bukharideterugweg

10:44 AMfun33osunRepublicans will turn against Drumpf soon .. Drumpf IS the swamp .. drain him

10:44 AMSyed al-Bukhari@deterugweg which verse of the Bible says that Imam al-Mahdi ra is Anti-Christ?

10:44 AMEmergent Studies InstituteKevin your a brainwashed dumbass. Keep saying that to yoursekf

10:44 AMRoy HobbsTrump, the big fat orange blob

10:44 AMEmergent Studies Instituteyourself

10:44 AMKevin SpenceDutchmansa are wooden heads

10:44 AMbigdavid1Fake news, hope y’all die

10:45 AMMajesticGirlWhat’s going on with this Donald trump thing? Some one explain

10:45 AMBryan TaylorRepublicans can’t even spell lying. What a surprise.

10:45 AMAlex Arshanskysilver bullet for trump 2017

10:45 AMRoy Hobbsbig, suck my dick


10:45 AMFrank SluzalaDemocrats are sore losers

10:45 AMRafayet HossainIsraeli traitor, wants to send more Americans to war ………. Trump will stop that

10:45 AMJohn DenverI don’t believe he predicted the elections

10:45 AMRafayet HossainGod bless Trump

10:45 AMKevin SpenceWatching CNN is like watching the retard show on A&E

10:45 AMdeterugwegSyadread both rev and the end time stories in the koran and you will see it is kinda the same except koran always makes choice in properties from the anti christ

10:45 AMLORD ROTHSCHILDCut ties with Israel

10:45 AMEmergent Studies InstituteThe GOP is bunch of paid for trolls taking money from idiots like you

10:45 AMRoy HobbsTrump will die soon because he is 71 years old and is fat and does not exercise

10:45 AMLooking4Trththey will impeach Trump; Obama will get back into the White House and declare martial law…

10:46 AMRoy Hobbs​Trump will die soon because he is 71 years old and is fat and does not exercise

10:46 AMAlex Arshanskyamuses me when people scream Fake News or Fake Media… it really does. Usually those are the fake Kremlin bots set to repeat the same phrase

10:46 AMEmergent Studies InstituteOH WHTEVER Looking 4

10:46 AMJohn DenverI wouldn’t mind pence 😂

10:46 AMSyed al-Bukhariwhich verse? be specific

10:46 AMRafayet HossainSay yes to trump

10:46 AMJohn DenverPence is good too 😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

10:46 AMLORD ROTHSCHILDFree Palestine


10:46 AMKevin SpenceHAhaha ….look at THAT dooshbag….LOL

10:46 AMShawn HawkinsThanks to the change in the vote during the Grosuch apointment, they only need a straight majority to impeach trump

10:46 AMJohn DenverI’d rather have pence

10:46 AMEmergent Studies InstitutePence is also implicated in Money Laundering, Obstruction of Justice etc. etc.

10:46 AMJohn DenverPence is very conservative

10:47 AMRoy Hobbsif Trump is impeached, Pence is next!

10:47 AMKevin SpenceNice hair…LOL

10:47 AMBryan TaylorPence is a religitard extreme.

10:47 AMRoy HobbsWe will impeach Trump after we are done with Trump

10:47 AMEmergent Studies InstituteHe will not be president. We are looking at Hatch as Pro-Tem President

10:47 AMRafayet HossainTrump+Pence = Best in the world

10:47 AMJohn DenverPence is very religious

10:47 AMRoy HobbsWe will impeach Pence after we are done with Trump

10:47 AMShawn HawkinsReligious Liberty = Radical Christian Jihad

10:47 AMJohn DenverLol good luck

10:47 AMEmergent Studies InstitutePence will resign

10:47 AMdeterugwegsyad the whole book of revelation. i can’t give a lecture escatology in a chatbox

10:47 AMLORD ROTHSCHILDBoycott Israel


10:48 AMZane Wwhen is Trump going on the trip

10:48 AMRoy Hobbsfuck Israel

10:48 AMEmergent Studies InstituteTrup will be impeached

10:48 AMJohn DenverThan its Paul Ryan 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

10:48 AMRoy HobbsI hope Iran nukes Israel soon

10:48 AMEmergent Studies InstituteANYONE on here delusional enough to not believe it.. Well I feel sorry for you

10:48 AMDonald DucktailI promise not to insult the tRumpTurds today. Poor ignorant stupid fuckheads have enough to worry about

10:48 AMJohn DenverIf Paul Ryan was president omg that would be amazing

10:48 AMSyed al-BukhariIs Mahdi mentioned by name in the BIble?

10:48 AMZane WI hope the US nukes Iran


10:48 AMRoy HobbsNow Paul Ryan I can live with as President because hes a big wuss

10:48 AMRafayet HossainIsraeli Intelligence = Trump gave info to Russia = Another false flag

10:48 AMRoy Hobbslol

10:48 AMEmergent Studies InstituteNOPE Paul Ryan is implicated in Money Laundering

10:49 AMBryan TaylorRepublicans are too fucking stupid to realize they’re stupid.

10:49 AMRafayet HossainUSA+Russia=Friends = Peace in the world

10:49 AMRafayet HossainGod bless Trump and Putin

10:49 AMOmar Riteplesae subscribe

10:49 AMEmergent Studies InstituteTHE GOP ACCEPTED LAUNDERED MONEY FROM RUSSIA…. Get it through your heads

10:49 AMmattyg3535Some rug on the left

10:49 AMEmergent Studies InstituteTrump, Ryan, Pence are all implicated

10:49 AMJohn DenverIt’s trump, than pence, than Paul Ryan now that’s a all star line up 😂👊🏻


10:49 AMRafayet HossainEmergent Studies Institute – U work for Israel.

10:50 AMdeterugwegsyad the mahdi is descibed in the Bible, look for any reverence to the anti christ (so not satan or the beast) and compaire the escatology of Bible with that of koran

10:50 AMJohn DenverLiberals o liberals 😂

10:50 AMBryan TaylorThe Trump train has been derailed.

10:50 AMJohn DenverI hope u do get a taste of pence

10:50 AMSyed al-BukhariImam al-Mahdi (ra) likely to appear by 13 Dhu al-Hijjah, 1438 (~Sept 5, 2017). tr(dot)im/1plkU

10:50 AMJohn DenverPlus pence could run for 2 more terms

10:50 AMdeterugwegImam al-Mahdi is known in the Bible as the anti christ

10:50 AMEmergent Studies InstituteOMG ::eye roll:: Im an American from fucking Texas… PLEASE!!!!

10:51 AMJohn DenverPence could be a three term president 😂

10:51 AMLORD ROTHSCHILDIsrael Rogue Nuclear State

10:51 AMOdol Lea…….. JOKING IS A CRIME..LOL


10:51 AMRondal WayYea , listen to Washington Compost !

10:51 AMEmergent Studies InstitutePENCE AND RYAN will not be president!!

10:51 AMmattyg3535Cry baby democrats. Now you cannot tell a joke without James Brown or Sheriff Woody going crazy

10:51 AMRafayet HossainThen u must be an Israeli Spy.

10:51 AMJohn DenverIf Mike pence becomes president this will be funny….

10:51 AMEmily LongshanksBrady 2020

10:51 AMRob Eggenbergerstfu Repubiturds

10:52 AMmattyg3535Words are words. Democrats lost the election(s) now they want to take their ball and go home. WHAAAAHHH

10:52 AMRafayet HossainTrump will not support war with Russia, China or Mid East

10:52 AMJohn DenverHe will pardon trump first off….

10:52 AMRafayet HossainPeace in the world

10:52 AMRafayet HossainGod bless Trump

10:52 AMIan Moraneggenberger your a homo

10:52 AMEmergent Studies InstituteI could give a SHIT about Isreal accept… umm STOP FUGHTING your nonesense civil war over religion!!!!

10:52 AMRafayet HossainIsrael and liberals are angry

10:52 AMRob EggenbergerSo??? You’re an idiot.

10:53 AMBryan TaylorGod is imaginary and Trump is a fucking ass wipe.

10:53 AMJohn DenverPence is very religious 😂liberals will like him

10:53 AMdeterugwegi will always stand by Israel

10:53 AMRafayet HossainI love Trump

10:53 AMmattyg3535Trump being on the russian payroll is better than when Obama was on the Iranian payroll.

10:53 AMEmergent Studies InstituteIm not Christain or have anything to do with ANY judeo-Christian religions . HAVE NO, NO desire to be involved in those twisted religions.

10:53 AMmattyg353540 billion in cash air dropped and no investigation???

10:53 AMRafayet HossainGood

10:54 AMdeterugwegIm a Christian. i will never deny His name

10:54 AMBryan TaylorReligion is for the weak minded.


10:54 AMJohn DenverPence will just pardon trump….

10:54 AMGod is a girlfuck religions

10:54 AMGod is a girlfuck god

10:54 AMGod is a girlgod is a faggot

10:54 AMEmergent Studies InstituteOh except there is a TAPE of them talking about it. It was not a joke. This tape implicates some of the top Republicans complicit in money laundering and TREASON

10:54 AMdeterugwegReligion is defined as man made belive system. The Bible is God given and therefor no religion

10:54 AMBryan TaylorGod is imaginary.

10:54 AMfun33osunIts ok to be gay and muslim ?

10:54 AMLadypup101Melanija Knavs, the daughter of a former Communist Party member, grew up in Slovenia. Search youtube: Trump’s Wife Melania Trump NUDES Released by New York Post (Melania Trump Lesbian Photos)

10:55 AMJohn DenverBut pence will just pardon trump

10:55 AMBryan TaylorThe Buybull,,,

10:55 AMEmergent Studies InstituteIt was not a joke. This tape implicates some of the top Republicans complicit in money laundering and TREASON

10:55 AMRafayet HossainNo. Never go to a Muslim country if you are a Gay


10:55 AMJohn DenverLiberals think they can do something they are just looking crazy…

10:56 AMLadypup101Can someone tell the con-spin artist “alternative facts’ queen that THE MARKED DOES NOT LIKE TRAMPP!

10:56 AMJohn DenverWho is watching CNN? Hating on white america and basketball highlights…

10:56 AMGod is a girlfuck redneck cunts

10:57 AMGod is a girlthis vhat is dead

10:57 AMdeterugwegbasketball is for pussies. whe play soccer over here. thats a real MAN sport

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