Every once and a while you stumble upon a Donald Trump reference while watching a television show or movie. After all, Trump has been a national wrecking ball long before his run for office and always wanted to make sure people knew who he was.

One of the most hilarious Trump references came in an episode of the ‘Golden Girls’ called “Questions and Answers” where Dorothy dreams about being on Jeopardy.

“Dorothy learns that auditions for the TV game show “Jeopardy!” are coming to Miami, and she plans to try out for it. Later, she dreams of a bizarre game of Jeopardy! which pits her against Rose and her neighbor Charlie Dietz.”

Flash forward in the show, and the Final Jeopardy answer was “American hero buried in Grant’s Tomb,” where Rose said it is Cary Grant and since it was a dream sequence, she was deemed correct and Dorothy’s answer of Ulysses S. Grant (the correct response) was deemed wrong.  You can only imagine Dorothy wasn’t having it so Alex Trebek called out Merv Griffin to make the ruling. This is when Dorothy let us all know that Donald Trump has always been a horrible person. She said:

“Mr. Griffin, please. You are the most beloved man in America. You are bright. You are charming. You are the anti-Trump.”

Watch here:


And she’s not wrong. Merv Griffin was a national treasure and Donald Trump is absolutely terrible in every regard. Well said, Dorothy!

Check out the full episode here if you want:

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