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As much as Donald Trump wants you to think that he has no relationship with Russia, especially any business relationship, facts and reality tell a very different story.

In fact, in yet another video that has just recently emerged, it shows Trump speaking next to an oligarch in Russia and he’s talking about building a Trump Tower in Moscow and other locations.

He said:

“We’ve met with a number of people and we may do something in Moscow and various parts of Russia, but have had some meetings while I’m in here and we could very well do something. We’re thinking about doing a Trump Tower, Moscow. So, we’re talking to a group of people about doing that.”

This, quite literally, proves he’s a lying liar.

Trump clearly has a long relationship with Russia, its businesses, banks, and leaders. To say that there’s no possible way for Trump to have colluded with Russia, or that they wouldn’t have anything on him, is just being woefully naive. While everything is still alleged and being investigated, this video is remarkably damning. Wow.

Watch here:

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