Kellyanne Conway is not known for being a scholar, by any means, but the things she says since she crossed over to the dark side are completely ridiculous. Like Wednesday night when she went on an irrational Twitter rant before former FBI Director James Comey’s senate testimony that Trump attempted to obstruct justice.

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After Comey released the opening statement to his testimony, Conway went off on a Twitter rant against CNN, who fixed a story they published before the prepared speech was released. That’s right. She is bashing CNN for correcting a story when new information came to light. It other words, doing the right thing.

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Please make this a “Breaking News” headline for the next 5 days. 

Conway, still not understanding how the news works, made a complete fool of herself when she attacked the major network media outlet for not leaving false statements in their article. To the entire Trump administration, if breaking news proves old news to be false, that means the network who ran it is “fake news.” Quite the opposite, in fact. Only an accredited agency would retract and correct a story, while Trump’s sources, including InfoWars and Breitbart, do not correct stories when they are proven false. They even go one step further in publishing details they already know are not factual.

This twit Kellyanne Conway has already been revealed as an opportunist and a phony, and Twitter just gave her a dose of beautiful karma. Check out the reaction below:

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