Over the weekend, President Trump cut short an interview with CBS’s John Dickerson after Dickerson asked him a question about the wiretapping accusations he made against President Obama.

After Dickerson said, “I want to know your opinion, you’re the President of the United States,” Trump replied:

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‘Ok, it’s enough. Thank you. Thank you very much.’

Trump forcing Dickerson out of the Oval Office appears to have inspired the folks at CNN to compile a video reminding viewers of just how often the President has stormed out of interviews himself.

Included in the compilation, entitled “The Art Of The Walkout,” was a clip from an interview Trump did with CNN nearly 30 years ago. After he was asked about how his casinos were doing financially, Trump responded:

‘Back to the negative, back to the negative. You know what? Do this interview with somebody else. We were talking about this yesterday on the phone. Do the interview with somebody else. Really — you don’t need this. Do it with somebody else.’

Trump is also shown in the video walking out of a satirical interview with Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Ali G, who asked him to invest in “ice cream gloves.”

Trump turned to the camera after that request and said, “Good luck folks, it’s been nice seeing you, folks. You take care of yourself, ok?”

CNN’s Jeanne Moos, who was commenting during the video, pointed out that Trump has a very specific way of walking out of interviews.

‘Dismissive wave, interview over.’

Moos also addressed the fact that, while he’s never left an interview with her, during his campaign, Trump walked out on two Ohio reporters in one day.

The first walkout came when a reporter asked Trump about how he wanted to respond to accusations of him being racist and sexist.

Before storming off, Trump said, “I am the least racist person you ever met.”

Later, in response to a question about a woman who had accused him of groping her, Trump simply said, “I know nothing about that,” before walking away.

Since his presidency began, Trump has continued to abruptly leave interviews when he gets uncomfortable. He even stomped out of a press conference about one of his executive orders — without signing the executive order.

Clearly, as the video shows, Trump has spent a lot of years building up this habit, and he hasn’t shown any signs of wanting to break it.

Watch CNN’s compilation video below, via YouTube.


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