A report from Fox News says that a Russian warship has entered the Mediterranean Sea and is headed for the two U.S. Navy ships that carried out the Thursday night missile attack on a Syrian government airfield.

A Fox Business host reports:

‘We’re getting news now that a Russian warship has entered the Eastern Mediterranean, heading towards the two U.S. Navy destroyers involved in those Tomahawk launches last night… we understand the Russian frigate from the Black Sea has gone through the Bosphorous Strait and is headed towards the U.S. warships from those attacks last night.’

The Thursday night U.S. Armed Forces assault on the Syrian Army airfield in question was in “retaliation” for the chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians carried out by the Syrian Army earlier this week. Trump was reportedly “personally moved” by the images of the children killed by that attack and thus ordered the strike, in what many have decried as a rash move.

The problem is, quite simply, that the Russian Government of Vladimir Putin has long been an avid supporter of the Syrian dictatorship, and we just bombed them. Moscow was quick to issue condemnation of the U.S. missile attack, promising that there would be a “response.”

Sure, Trump rose to power under Putin’s watchful eye, but Putin’s support of Trump was never about Trump. Rather, Putin just wanted to get his way; the Russian President could easily dispose of his past affection for the Trump administration and launch an assault on American armed forces.

While it’s unclear whether or not that will actually happen, it’s increasingly likely.



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