Leigh Corfman is one of the several women who has been allegedly preyed upon a by Roy Moore, a former state judge who is currently the Republican nominee in the 2017 Alabama special election. It is alleged that Moore sexually abused Corfman almost 40 years ago when she was just 14 years old. In an interview with The Today Show, Corfman notes that she “didn’t deserve to have a 32-year-old man prey upon” her.

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Her appearance on The Today Show was her first televised interview since she made her allegations against Moore, who is now 53 years old. Corfman noted that she was just a “14-year-old child playing in an adult’s world,” and that she felt “guilty,” and like she was the one “to blame.”

Roy Moore Allegations

In a prior interview in the Washington Post, Corfman said that in 1979, a 32-year-old Moore removed her clothes, and proceeded to touch her “over her bra and underpants,” and then guided her to “touch him over his underwear.” Soon after these allegations, several other women have come forward and also have experienced sexual misconduct or assault by Moore. A former prosecutor who worked with Moore in the early 1980s even noted that Moore had a penchant for high school girls, even saying that it was “common knowledge.”

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Moore has defended himself and said that political agendas largely galvanized these attacks. However, Corfman countered and stated that she“voted as a Republican for years and years” and that “this isn’t political for me.”

When Corfman was asked why she waited to come forward with these allegations, she said that she has actually told family members, but she wanted to protect her children from the negative attention that would follow. Apparently, the Washington Post sought her out and said that if they could find other people that have been victims of Moore, they would tell her story.


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