Sylvester Stallone dead

Recent reports claim Sylvester Stallone dead at his home in Los Angeles. The cause of death is pointing out to prescription pills overdose.

An article has been circulating on Facebook since last September 3 about the actor’s demise. There was even a photo of Sylvester Stallone dead body in a bag being transported to the gurney as proof of the death claims.

The actor was allegedly found dead in his room from an overdose of prescription pills. The report did not specify which pills were taken.

The article quickly spread over Facebook, causing confusion online as many believed the rumor to be true since the report allegedly came from CNN.

The reports, however, were confirmed to be false as the actor has been active on Instagram. The actor has been posting photos and playful videos on his Instagram profile after the dead rumors started circulating. The posts show him happy and not at all bothered by the rumors of his death.

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