Several hours after a 4-year-old boy was reported missing at James Island County Park, rescue officials said they had recovered the body of a small child.

Charleston police say Duffy McLemore was reported missing around 4:45 p.m. He had last been seen in the Spray area. Park officials reported it to police about 30 minutes later.

His body was recovered in a pond just after 10 p.m.

McLemore was last seen wearing blue swimming trunks and blue and orange water shoes.

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg thanked all the first responders who joined in the search of the park. He said the accidental loss of life is a tragedy for McLemore’s family and community.

Charleston police said the rescue operation had transitioned to supporting the family and first responders.

“This is such a tragedy for this family and the community. The family needs our support and prayers,” police said in a statement.

The Charleston Police Department, Charleston Fire Department, James Island Fire Department, Coast Guard, Charleston County Rescue, Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office and SLED participated in the search.

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4 thoughts on “Body of missing boy, 4, found…Family asking for Prayers

  1. How did this happen? God please help this family come to grips with this tragic loss!

  2. God is our creator, not man! It is a sin to take a life or determine when a person must live or die. Only God has the right to say who lives or dies. Anyone who takes a life is playing with fire. Do not put God to the test. Jesus Christ is alive, believe me when I tell you, “I know this”, because Jesus revealed himself to me when I was 19 years old. There is a Heaven and there is a hell. Please do not play with fire for you will regret doing these things. You will be going against GOD’S will. We can do our best to save a life, but God decides if the person will live or not. Praise God.

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