The investigation into the Trump team’s possibly illegal ties to Russia has now expanded to include President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

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Speaking to ABC News this week, Cohen has revealed that he received a request from members of the House and Senate to turn over records related to any communications that he had with Russian officials at any point during Donald Trump’s rise to power.

Remarkably, however, Cohen has also revealed that he has refused to comply with these requests, painting them as unreasonable.

In an email to ABC News on Tuesday, Cohen said: “I declined the invitation to participate [in the investigation], as the request was poorly phrased, overly broad and not capable of being answered.”

“Overly broad”? “Not capable of being answered”? What, has the amnesia epidemic that seems to be wreaking havoc among members of Trump’s inner circle now taken out Cohen too?

How is it that all of these people seem to have no recollection of who they’ve talked to? And how is it that all of these people have no record of who they’ve been talking to throughout the past year or two?

The Trump campaign has literally been revealed to have failed to maintain appropriate records of campaign contacts so as to be able to answer the request of Congressional investigators, who asked for any records of any contacts with Russians on the part of the campaign.

These people are all monumentally stupid or have something to hide — or both. For all Trump’s talk about being one of the best deal makers to come around in awhile, his choice to surround himself with people who can’t seem to tell the Constitution from toilet paper was likely an ill fated decision.

Congressional investigators, for their part, seem to be taking a “look at everything” approach at the moment, with them having now requested detailed information from near half a dozen Trump associates. Those who have found themselves under scrutiny include Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Carter Page, and, most recently, Jared Kushner.

Cohen, for his part, has long occupied a position of prominence in Trump’s inner circle, often serving in somewhat of an attack dog position during the belligerent businessman’s rise to power. If you remember that time that a Trump associate appeared on television and replied to a news anchor’s statement that the Trump campaign was down by saying “Says who?” — that was Michael Cohen.

More recently, ABC News says that Cohen formed a “strategic alliance” with a major D.C. lobbying firm whose clients include a prominent Russian bank.

There remains the distinct possibility that Cohen could face subpoenas on account of his refusals to comply with Congressional requests for information. ABC News indicates that the recent decision of the Senate Intelligence Committee to grant its leadership the unilateral ability to grant subpoenas came after Cohen’s refusal to provide information.

The Senate Intelligence Committee has already issued a number of subpoenas against former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn — and he’s not complied with them yet.

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