The 4 Medications Trump Takes On Daily Basis Are Revealed, Says A Lot About His Health

We ‘re all aware that Donald Trump has the worst possible eating habits. If he’s not scarfing down 2000 calories worth of McDonald’s, he’s eating a steak with ketchup (seriously, who does that). Although all of his health issues are not set and stone, a report from CheatSheet reveals enough to guess the so-called president’s health risks.

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To avoid suffering from a heart attack from all the greasy food he consumes, Trump takes a daily pill called Rosuvastatin, which regulates his high cholesterol. Having high cholesterol increases a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke, which could both result in death if not treated properly. Ultimately, diet factors in tremendously here.

If you notice the self-proclaimed billionaire getting heated up due to his numerous scandals, he will develop a massive amount of redness. This explains why Trump takes an antibiotic for rosacea.  Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness in the face, especially when exposed to triggers like alcohol, sunlight, and some blood pressure medications. Keep in mind: Trump takes this long-lasting antibiotic to treat his inflammation every single day, which essentially is not safe. There’s a reason why doctors instruct their patients to take a prescribed antibiotic only as often as and in the dosage recommended. According to CheatSheet, taking antibiotics unnecessarily can lead to antibiotic resistance, which could allow bacteria to resist the medications used to treat deadly infections.

Furthermore, Trump continues to take baby aspirin for his heart health. To some, this may not be a big deal due to the fact that  aspirin does reduce risk of life-threatening blood clots, but there are still health risk involved.  Reduced blood clotting could result in stomach ulcers or brain bleeds in some people. With Trump’s unhealthy habits and his lack of exercise, aspirin may not be a good option for him.

Finally, many have wondered the real secret behind Trump’s hair. Is it a wig? A toupee, maybe?

Actually, it’s a pill. More specifically, it’s Propecia. The drug reduces the amount of a certain hormone in the body called DHT. Reduced DHT levels in the body leads to increased hair regrowth and slower hair loss, which explains why Trump still has a full head of hair despite his age.

Now, we are unable to tell if CheatSheet’s report is accurate or not because it is against the law to release a person’s medication records, but one thing is certain: Trump’s health is not something to take lightly. His constant need for fast food is an issue that should be monitored very closely.

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Trump’s health: ‘Loathes exercise,’ sleeps 4 hours, never eats fruit

  • Trump “loathes exercise,” uses a cart for golf and struggled to walk up a hill during the last G-10 meeting, strategist Greg Valliere claimed.
  • Valliere is hardly the first to raise concerns about Trump’s diet and health and probably won’t be the last.

As if he doesn’t have enough to worry about, questions are coming up over President Donald Trump‘s personal health.

The president is a notorious junk-food junkie and not known as much of a fitness buff outside his regular rounds of golf. There already have been many articles written and opinions offered on the state of Trump’s health.

The latest concerns come from Greg Valliere, chief global strategist at Horizon Investments, whose views on Wall Street and Washington are widely followed. In his daily note Tuesday, Valliere offers a number of concerns:

  • Trump is “at least 50 pounds overweight,” an estimate that may be a bit of an overshot. During a taping with Dr. Oz during the 2016 campaign, Trump was found to be 6 feet 3 inches tall and weigh 236 pounds, which would put him right on the border of “obese,” with a body mass index of 29.5, meaning he would need to lose 36 pounds to get to a “normal” BMI.
  • He “loathes exercise,” uses a cart for golf and struggled to walk up a hill during the last G-10 meeting.
  • A Secret Service agent source of Valliere’s professed that “he has never seen anyone with worse dietary habits” and “never saw him eat a piece of fruit.”
  • Trump’s food choices tend to well-done steaks, cheeseburgers and french fries.
  • The president only sleeps four hours a night, is “angry most of the time” and “profanely berates aides.”

“He has not, to our knowledge, had a physical in over a year, or if he has, the results have not been disclosed,” Valliere said.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

Again, Valliere is hardly the first to raise concerns about Trump’s diet and health and probably won’t be the last. (The New York Times delved into the president’s lifestyle in this piece last year.)

“We would reiterate that we wish Donald Trump a long and healthy life,” he wrote. “But there are serious danger signs, and we hope the president and his family will address them.”

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