In the wake of a series of blistering revelations about Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s personal and professional activities (about eighteen months worth of blistering revelations, in fact), literally millions of people have jumped on the “Boycott Trump” bandwagon. In fact, the boycott has gotten so severe that bookings at Trump Hotels have dropped by 59 percent year-over-year. Provided the momentum can be maintained into the future, the boycott on various Trump-related brands could be disastrous for the magnate. Maybe. However, with all the pies that Trump has stuck his financial finger into, it might be tough to know which brands to avoid. Here are the big ones.

1. Trump Hotels

Includes locations in New York, Vancouver, Rio, Washington, Waikiki, as well as 18 golf courses scattered around the world.


2. “The Apprentice” and “The Celebrity Apprentice”

As if anyone was still watching. You’re better than that Arnold and Tyra.


3. Miss Universe

Like you needed to specifically tune in to a television show to see vapid chicks in bikinis.


4. Fox News

Trump has no real financial stake in Fox News, but they do provide him with most of his free publicity. So if you want to silence the man, killing his mic is a good start.


5. Diet Dr. Pepper and 7-UP

The ninth most popular brand of soda in America is a super duper proud sponsor of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Dr Pepper

6. Omaha Steaks

Another Celebrity Apprentice sponsor, though you’d be forgiven for overlooking their involvement, so delicious . . .

Another Celebrity Apprentice sponsor, though you’d be forgiven for overlooking their involvement, so delicious . . .


7. On-Star

Like people even use this life-saving service anyway.


8. Australian Gold

Considering the Donald’s natural shade of carrot, it’s somewhat ironic that Celebrity Apprentice is sponsored by a sunscreen company.

Australian Gold

9. Camping World

Ugh, the outdoors. What did nature ever do for me, anyway?

Camping World

10. Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Like you needed any more reasons to boycott a rental car company.


11. The Clorox Company

Because your boycott will absolutely take down a company that’s been cleaning crime scenes for more than a century.


12. Sprint

AT&T is better anyway.


13. Bristol-Myers Squibb

Who, you ask? A giant pharmaceutical com- what’s that? You’re already on board?


14. The Walt Disney Company

Okay, so it’s true they sponsor The Apprentice, but, they also own R2-D2, BB-8, and baby Groot, so I think the karma balances out.


15. Groupon

One million ruined small businesses and counting.


16. NBC

Now that 30 Rock is off the air, this one is no problem.


17. Sentient Jet

Go elsewhere for your private jet needs


18. Trump International Realty

trump realty

19. The Donald J. Trump Foundation, Inc.

Or you could donate and be confident that your money will absolutely find its way into the Donald’s pocket.


20. Trump Casinos

Oh wait, people already boycotted those to death .

Taj Mahal

21. Trump Books LLC

I know, the pairing of “Trump” and “Books” is enough to make your ears bleed.


22. Trump Canadian Services Inc.

Help win one for ALL of North America.


23. Trump University

Seriously, you’re better off becoming a Phoenix. And that’s saying something.

Trump university

24. The Trump Follies LLC

No one actually knows what they do . . .


25. Trump Ice

Yeah, Trump has his own bottled water. For real.


26. Trump Wine

Nothing about this label sounds appealing.


27. Ivanka’s Fashion Line

Not only are some women boycotting the line, they’re boycotting the stores that carry it.


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