Several allegations have been made in the past about President Donald Trump being involved in some pretty serious sex crimes. He’s even admitted to sexual assaulting women when he was recorded commenting he loved to “grab them by the p*ssy.”

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In 2016 a woman from California known by the name of “Jane Doe” claimed that Donald Trump and his buddy, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, both raped her when she was only 13 years of age. She also claimed to have witnessed Trump and Epstein assaulting and sexually abusing multiple other females, including a 12-year-old girl who went by the name “Maria.” However, Maria suddenly disappeared from Epstein’s sick world. According to Jane Doe, Trump threatened her saying that if she told anybody about the sexual abuse she had been put through, they would make her “disappear like Maria.”

Of course, many people didn’t believe Jane Doe’s claims because they wanted evidence that would show an actual existence of “Maria,” and there was none to prove her story. That was until Claude Taylor revealed Maria was actually alive back in July.

According to reports by Taylor, who is a veteran of three presidential campaigns and a former White House staffer, Maria is alive and has been interviewed by a huge broadcasting network. Taylor took to Twitter Sunday morning with a tweet that read:

‘I have important breaking news about “Maria” who according to this account was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. “Maria” is not her legal name but she is alive and reportedly safe. She has given a taped, on camera interview to a major broadcast network. That network is holding interview for “legal reasons.” In the interview on camera she confirmed facts as laid out in deposition. She was in fact sexually assaulted by Donald Trump and her life and family’s life were threatened by him. All confirmed. This is subject of an ongoing criminal investigation. “Maria” remains in hiding. I will have more to say about this story in hours/days to come.’

1. I have important breaking news about “Maria” who according to this account was sexually assaulted by Donald Trump.

Later that day, Taylor posted another tweet revealing a source had informed him Epstein was working on a plea deal for a human trafficking charge that involved Trump Model Management. According to Taylor, his source was a relative of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. In exchange for leniency, Epstein would give them tapes.

Previously in 2006, a lawsuit was filed which uncovered that Epstein actually did have hidden cameras around his house that caught some of his buddies and influential/famous men having sex with minors. He kept those tapes for blackmailing purposes.

Check out the video below from YouTube.

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